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Welcome to the Kitayumeverse!

This is a growing community dedicated to all-purpose discussions of Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, Barjona Bombers, and other series taking place in the Kitayume universe designed by Hidekaz Himaruya (Hetalia: Axis Powers, Chibi-san Date).

We all want to have fun here, but here are some ground rules. Failure to follow may wind up with your post deleted:

1) Any posts with mature content or downloads must be put under memberlock. This goes for translations of the games or any "lost" strips of these series (just about anything from Kitakou Pure) that could possibly cause trouble.

2) No spam! The community should be easy to navigate and tidy.

3) On that note, be sure to put your longer posts (such as those containing fanart or videos) under a cut. A 300x300 preview image is fine for fanart posts, and always be sure to tag!

4) Use this posting template for your fanworks:
Character(s) or Pairing(s):

5) Have fun, but be civil. The last thing we need are unnecessary flamewars or drama when we're having fun, after all.


Q: "How do all these characters know each other? Are they in the same world?"

A: The Kitayume shared universe is probably more accurately a multiverse, or many different realities. The original Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club is stand-alone, but the parallel work Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure does take place in the same world as Himaruya's second major series (but third in all) Barjona Bombers, as well as that of the horror game The Deserted House.

Occasionally, these works are also linked to Hetalia through cameos of different characters in its strips (the -hans in The Fool of Owari, or the more blatant cameos of Noto-sama in April Fools 2008 and Christmas Rampage 2007: Aftermath). But they don't appear to be directly connected. We think. The Noto-sama series of games (which itself is parallel to Barjona and KitaPure despite similarities) is connected to Gakuen Hetalia's universe though, make of that what you will. Confusing isn't it? Chibi-san Date is not currently connected to any of these series.

Q: "What's the difference between the two Kitakou series?"

A: They're parallel works of each other. Old school!Kitakou is the one you currently see linked on Kitayume, with the blue school uniforms. It takes place in Koriyama and the school is known as "Koriyama Kitakou High School".

KitaPure is the one that currently can't be found on the site, but it's best known for giving us the red school uniforms (including Noto-sama's iconic red dress). Its setting is Yokohama and the school is known as "St.Modern Kitakou High School". The characters and their relationships aren't that different between versions, but there are some characters that only appear in one work and not the other.

Q: "So what are White Noto and Black Noto?"

A: White Noto is the one we see in the original Kitakou series, or generally the "nice Noto". Black Noto, aka "Noto-sama", is his crueler self that we first see in a crossover with Barjona Bombers. This Noto also exists in KitaPure, since those two series are linked. This is the Noto also known for appearing in those Noto-sama games, but although those games are made reference to in the comics, they're also intended to be parallel (confusing!)

Links - Official Kitakou page (Japanese only) - Official Barjona Bombers page (Japanese only) - Kitayume fan-run wiki (Japanese only)

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